Roasted Veggie Pesto Pasta

Since I started selling at Farmer’s Market in Minneapolis, my favorite part besides seeing people enjoy my waffles has been meeting the amazing other vendors. I recently met the wonderful pair behind Dumpling & Strand. It’s a homemade noodle company making small batch authentic noodles using the freshest ingredients.

I couldn’t resist buying some of their gluten-free variety. I opted for the Fusillo, but they had about 5 different varieties of just gluten-free!! That’s insane. They came with about 18 different kinds of noodles and ramen that day too. I was in awe. One of the owner’s happens to also be a food scientist, so I had a great time picking his brain when it comes to dough, of the waffle kind.

I’m on a pesto kick lately, so obviously I went with a simple pesto with roasted veggie for my noodle dish. I can tell you it was simply divine!

Roasted Veggie Pesto Pasta (gluten-free)

1 Tbsp pesto (I used Trader Joe’s)
3 oz cooked pasta (I used Fusillo from Dumpling & Strand)

// Cook pasta in salted, boiling water one minute less than the package recommends.
Roast veggies at 400 degrees for 20-30 minutes with salt and pepper.
Heat pesto in pan and add veggies and cooked pasta and sauté until coated in pesto.
Add some pasta water to pan if pesto is too thick.
Shred some parmesan over it and dig in!!




Baking hack (for butter)!!

I do A LOT of baking these days. With a waffle business and soon-to-be biscuit “company” I need plenty of hacks to get me through most days. I usually don’t plan that far ahead to put my ingredients out hours ahead of time. Since the #1 rule of baking is having all room temp ingredients (besides some pastries like biscuits that require cold butter) you NEED to have room temp butter.

You’re probably saying, “I just microwave it,” wellllll that may work if desperate, but nuking it results in a melted outside yet freezing cold inside to your butter. No bueno.

Well I’ve done the research for you know and I’ve discovered the trick to end all baking conundrums. “Steaming” the butter. Yes, steam results in even heating throughout the butter at a not so rapid pace as microwaving.

Next time you’re in the baking mood and need room temp butter, try this!


So here’s the technique:
Get a glass cup that will fit the cold stick of butter.
Fill the glass with water and microwave until boiling (3-4min).
Remove from microwave (it’s hot!!) and pour out the water.
Put the stick of butter upright on the table and cover with the hot glass cup.
Let sit and “steam” for 10-15 min or until just softened.

**Also, if you needs room temp eggs… Put them in a bowl with hot water for a couple minutes.