Rachel’s “Power” Bowl

I’m calling this my “Power” bowl because I’ve never felt so alive after eating a meal that I made in under 10 minutes (I had half of it prepped ahead). I felt soooo powerful 😉

As the weather gets warmer, I crave carbs less and less, so a dinner packed with perfectly cooked veggies and some meatless protein was just what I needed. I did have a couple corn tortillas on the side so that my energy doesn’t sink during my usual late night workout.

I’m also on a hot sauce kick (I used to hate ALL spice) so I’ve been adding Chalupa to most meals to give it a real punch, and I actually think it’s making me feel much more satisfied after the meal. Is that a thing, nutrition people? No more peanut butter spoon after dinner for me!

I used veggies and chickpeas I had roasted in my fridge along with some sautéed cabbage in this bowl, but use whatever floats your boat. If you like peppers and onions, use that. If you want sautéed spinach and broccoli with a side of sausage, have that. No rules for this one (as if there’s ever any rules in cooking – I used canned tuna for a taco…lol).


Rachel’s “Power” Bowl

1 cup roasted brussel sprouts
1/2 cup roasted chickpeas
Big handful of cabbage
1 tsp chili powder
salt & pepper
A few dashes of Chalupa hot sauce (optional)

// Heat pan on medium high and add cabbage with chili powder.
Cook until tender.
Reheat cooked veggies and chickpeas in a dry pan or microwave.
Add all veggies and chickpeas/protein to a bowl and add the hot sauce.
Enjoy with a side of corn tortillas, or even some sticky rice.



  1. LFFL · June 16, 2016

    Awesome it you got it made so quickly


  2. Renard Moreau · June 16, 2016

    [ Smiles ] Oh, this is a nice vegan salad!


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