Chimichurri Tilapia Rice Bowl

Guess what…

I really really really love rice. It’s gluten free. Versatile. Sticky and delicious.

So, of course, I have yet another scrumptious rice bowl for you to make for dinner tonight and every night of your life because it is so damn tasty! It’s almost to the point where I should rename my blog to “The Rice Enthusiast” or something. Check out my other rice bowl recipes here and here.

When it comes to putting dinner together I’m usually tired and crabby from sitting at a desk at work all day, so the last thing I want to do is put a lot of thought into what I’m gonna make/eat. I’ve also usually already had a post-work snack so when 7:00 rolls around I’m not super hungry so something healthy and not heavy is ideal. Enter this bowl of tangy, crunchy magic!

I always have some sort of protein leftover, so these bowls are a perfect way to use up anything in the fridge. The veggies in the bowl can be ANYTHING, though brussel sprouts are my absolute favorite, but anything colorful will work.


Chimichurri Tilapia Rice Bowl (gluten & dairy free,  low-FODMAP)

1 cup shredded brussel sprouts (any veggie works too)
4 oz. cooked tilapia
2 tbsp chimichurri sauce
1 cup sticky rice
1 tsp coconut oil

// Sauté brussel sprouts with coconut oil and salt & pepper until just tender.
Add cooked tilapia and chimichurri and warm through.
Add the cooked sprouts and fish to a bowl of rice and dive into tangy heaven.

So simple yet SO delicious!




  1. lexilife · April 25, 2016

    I always seem to forget all about rice. I have it in the back of my cupboard for ages and then all of a sudden I go on a binge and obsess over it! This will be a good recipe for when I do haha. Thanks for sharing xx


    • Rachel Leigh · May 17, 2016

      You just described my exact relationship with rice too! Happy I could help you love it again 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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