The Best Sticky Rice (2 recipes!!)

I wrote about my love for potatoes the other day, but now I’m bringing you my other favorite starchy food.

Sticky Rice.

Not just plain old white rice, sticky rice. Huge difference. Sticky rice is what you get at good Chinese restaurants, or in your favorite sushi roll. I don’t want rice that’s crumbly and hard. I want soft, pillowy rice that sticks to the spoon and absorbs all the goodness added to it.

This is something that you can’t get from brown rice, so please only use white rice. I’m not a huge fan of brown rice anyway because I don’t like the texture and earthy taste, and it’s harder for my body to digest. Plus the health benefits aren’t all the much better than white rice.

With a few easy steps you can make amazing sticky rice, but in order to make the rice “sticky” you need to soak the rice for at least an hour and rinse it thoroughly to remove as much starch as possible. The starch is what keeps it from becoming sticky.

I decided to use my sticky rice in super simple spring rolls that literally took 5 minutes to make since all the ingredients were conveniently prepped (thank you Trader Joe’s).


Sticky Rice

1 cup jasmine rice or short-grain rice

// Place rice in a bowl with room temperature water.
Let soak for 1 hour to a day at room temperature.
Pour soaking water and rinse rice thoroughly.
Place the rice in a pot and add water until 1/2 inch above the rice.
Bring the rice to a boil on medium heat, and once boiling, cover.
Cover until water is gone, and then shut off the stove and let the rice steam in the pot for 20 minutes.

Chicken Spring Rolls (gluten-free)

4 rounds of rice paper
1 cup sticky rice
1 chicken breast, sliced thin (I used Trader Joe’s lemon pepper cooked chicken)
1/2 cup shredded carrots
1/2 cup shredded cabbage
1/2 cup spinach leaves
coconut aminos, for dipping
other fillings: mint leaves, cucumber slices, shrimp, pork, etc.

// Dip the rice paper in water and place flat on a wood cutting board. Scoop in some rice and place towards the bottom half.
Place chicken slices above the rice, and then the veggies on top of the rice.
Roll the rice paper up and over and tuck in the sides before sealing the end.

Slice in half and enjoy the fruits of your minimal labor by dipping in any gluten-free dips you find in your pantry 😉




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