Waffle Wednesday

It’s no secret to any of the people who know me that I’m trying to create a business out of making my killer Liège waffles. If you aren’t familiar with the difference between a Liège waffle and a Belgian waffle then you should listen up, because you’ve been eating the wrong waffle for far too long.

Liège 3

A Liège waffle is a yeast-based waffle dough (not batter) that requires 12 hours in the fridge to develop the perfect sweet, yeasty flavor. Belgian pearl sugar chunks (pictured above) are added before the waffles hit the iron, which results in a perfectly caramelized exterior on the waffle. No syrup required either. It’s perfectly portable on it’s own, but with the addition of delicious toppings like Nutella and whipped cream you have the perfect decadent snack.

After eating all the Liège waffles I could find in the Midwest I just wasn’t satisfied with what I was tasting, and I told myself I would create the perfect recipe that I found to be as authentic as possible. After spending most Saturdays and Sunday mornings recipe testing since September, I think I’ve finally come up with my perfect recipe.

Liège 2

They’ve received rave reviews:

“I totally see them being the next Glam Doll donuts but waffles.”

“My roommates LOVED your waffles and want more asap!”

“I didn’t know the greatness of waffles until trying yours!”

“They’re the best thing I’ve ever eaten!”

Come to Minneapolis and try them for yourselves tho 😉

Liège 1



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