Detoxifying Face Mask

I’ve never been one to try weird face masks that supposedly get rid of every pore on your face. Though I spent the vast majority of my adolescence with awful skin that no matter what I did, would break out. It wasn’t until I gave up grains and sugar that my skin really cleared up.

My diet saved my face.

That’s dramatic, but it really is true that your diet has a huge affect on your whole body including your skin. If I have the littlest bit of sugar or grain I can see it in my face the next day. It’s like my skin wants to shame me for slipping up every once in awhile.


I had some extra time last weekend, and I’ve been experimenting with the affects of activated charcoal on detoxifying the body when I do slip up. No word on whether it helps stop gas and bloating, but it did do wonders on my face when combined with one other ingredient.

Bentonite Clay.

It has so many uses. Including this easy face mask that only takes 10 minutes from mixing to rinsing.

1 tsp Bentonite Clay (bought mine at Whole Foods)
2 capsules Activated Charcoal
2 tsp water

// Mix all ingredients in a bowl and spread onto face.
Let sit for 5 min and then rinse.
Moisturize after with coconut oil.



One comment

  1. mylifeasishan · February 9, 2016

    Defo have to try this


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