Restaurant Spotlight: Café Racer

After devoting over 3 years to the greatness of the Twin Cities food scene, and priding myself on finding the best spots to grab a bite of all kinds; I’ve found another great joint.

Café Racer apparently used to be (still is?) a food truck, and now they have a great little spot in the Seward area of Minneapolis.


I dragged (jk she always willing goes) my brunch bff to check this place out after a night of heavy drinking, and lots of chocolate birthday cake (sorry stomach). I needed something greasy to soak up the alcohol, but I also needed something that was free of nasty gluten. I believe the entire menu was gluten free, and most things were even vegetarian friendly if you skipped the kielbasa option.

The decor was super cute and rustic, which was a nice change for the neighborhood vibe.

Let’s get to the food though, it’s Latin American of some kind, but I’m not sure it claims an exact area. The use of arepas on pretty much every brunch item was the draw for me. They aren’t griddle cooked like the Hola Arepa ones; they’re fried and also much much sweeter. They tasted like sweet corn, but were super delicious! My friend got the arepa benedict (obviously arepas instead of english muffins)!

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 11.03.45 AM

They also offer Yucca fries, which were uber yummy dipped in their homemade aoili. I think eggs, arepas and yucca fries should be the new definition of breakfast of champions 😉

The side of sweet potato hash was also a delicious touch with some fresno peppers and fried potato sticks for crunch. Yummy yummy!

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 11.04.25 AM

Go check this little place out, service is great too!



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