Food Challenge

I’ve never been one to make a New Year’s Resolution.

I don’t try to be healthier at a certain time each year. I try to do that all year round. I don’t work out/buy a gym membership starting January 1st. I’ve worked out at least 4 days a week since high school. I don’t try to be nicer, because that is subconsciously on my mind at all times.


If I vow to stick to something starting on a certain day I don’t tend to stick to it, and I have a strong feeling most people are in that boat- considering the low attendance at my gym come March.

However I was reading through one of my fave blogs, and she posted a fantastic article from Food52. It’s called 57 Things to Do for Yourself This Year, and it’s a list of ways to challenge yourself in the kitchen, and make cooking and eating more enjoyable while learning something.


Here’s a few I will definitely accomplish:

Make a beautiful meal, even if you’re only feeding yourself. I loved having someone to cook for and experiment on when I was in a relationship, but now I find myself losing creativity so this is a great challenge for me, because who doesn’t love leftovers anyway?

Buy yourself a piece of cookware you love, and use it. I’ve been dying to commit to a cast iron pan, and I think now’s the time.

Cook yourself a lunch so good you’ll be looking forward to it all morning. My massaged kale salad and chicken sausage are getting old, so why not spend some time making something new and exciting to eat at my less than exciting job!

Reward yourself with mid-week fresh flowers. It’s amazing what a vase of fresh flowers can do to boost your mood.

Take walks after dinner. Who’s in?

Now pick a few from the list and challenge yourself too, or at least vow to swap out your late-night ice cream for a homemade chocolate cake 😉





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