You guys know all about my tamale addiction (not the hot tamale candies, ick!!), so when I stumbled upon a place that specializes in a tamale-like food I had to try it.

People like to think that Minneapolis doesn’t have a great ethnic food scene, but I really beg to differ. I’ve eaten all kinds of food all over the country (and world) and rarely do I find ethnic food that can beat something in Minneapolis. It’s just as good as anything you can find anywhere else, but I can only do so much convincing from a blog! Come to Minneapolis and see for yourself, everyone, but wait until at least March because, ya know, it’s cold!!

Anyways back to my food discovery. I’ve known what a Pupusa is for quite awhile, but I couldn’t for the life of me find somewhere that makes them. Then low and behold I found a place that even has Pupusa even in their name… Pupuseria La Palmera.


First let me fill you in on what a Pupusa is. It’s a South American dish where corn flour (masa) is mixed with warm water to make dough and then the ball is hollowed out and filled with meats and/or cheeses. The ball is then flattened and griddled! It’s basically a stuffed tortilla. Honestly, I would take these over tacos any day.

So my friend and I both crave tamales at all times, so when she wanted to celebrate the end of the semester (or college in general for me), I decided to take her to get Pupusas. It was the easiest sell though, because they also make delicious tamales, so if we didn’t end up liking the Pupusas we just eat our weight in tamales. Win, Win!

I highly suggest you find a Pupusa somewhere around you and stuff your face, or even try making them because honestly it’s not that hard. I just much prefer the authentic-ness of real El Salvadorians making mine.


Post Pupusa happiness


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