Twin Tuesday

It’s been eons since I posted for “Twin Tuesday,” but here it is! I promise I haven’t forgotten about my other half, but we’ve been doing our own thing lately so not much to write home about.

We get asked all the time, “what’s it like being a twin?” Well let me tell you…

Growing up it was the biggest punishment, 95% of the time. We had the same friends and did the same activities, therefore had the same life. It’s like having a stalker that you can’t get a restraining order against (a bit extreme, but yeah).


Now, after living apart for a few months, and going different directions in college (still the same city) we have grown quite fond of each other. Yes, we definitely fight still and they can get awful, but most of the time we are best friends. As much as her bf likes to think he’s number one, I know no one can replace me 😉

We are also becoming very different people, so our twin dynamic is changing, but it was bound to happen. We can’t be inseparable forever, and no, Dad, we will not end up living together as old women fighting over the TV remote.

We will however, always be able to sit and watch Food Network for hours with a glass of wine in our PJs 🙂



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