Baking Fail

I would love to tell you that paleo baking always comes out delicious and nothing is ever dry and nasty and everything’s rainbows and butterflies- but it’s not.

I’ve had my fair share of nasty concoctions since I started baking solely paleo baked goods about a year ago. It’s definitely not a fool proof cooking technique especially when you’re working with ingredients like coconut flour and you can’t mask the flavor of things with copious amounts of processed sugar.


I found a recipe for a chocolate torte last week and got home from work on Friday and was in the mood to just bake something chocolatey. I pulled up the recipe and went at it. I’m not sure what happened between the liquid batter stage and the consumption it stage, but it was just gross. I never throw things away, but I just didn’t know what to do with it. I wasn’t about to eat anymore of it than I had to and I sure as heck wasn’t going to subject another human being to the disaster that came out of the oven.

I’m not even exaggerating one bit.

The cake wasn’t even the worst part. I have no idea why I ever thought the strawberry sauce on top was going to work. It was just strawberries and gelatin and everyone knows that gelatin will turn into a gel, especially when cooled. Clearly I was just so confident in the recipe that I ignored all laws of science…


Warning: My lovely pictures of this disaster are somewhat deceiving, but take my word- this thing was just nasty.

After literally choking down a couple dry chunks of the “torte” right out of the oven, I thought maybe it just needed to be eaten at a cooler temperature, so I patiently waited for it to sit in the fridge over night.

Side note: The strawberry sauce is DELICIOUS, warm but don’t you dare refrigerate it!

I woke up Saturday morning with high hopes for the torte and boy oh boy was I disappointed. It was just as gross and dry as the night before, but even worse because the strawberry “sauce” on top was now like a gelatinous blanket that could be peeled off in one sheet, and that’s exactly what I did. Right into the garbage it went!

The whole point of this post is to show everyone that I don’t just sit at home on the weekend and bake up delicious paleo recipes that come out great every time. I think that’s why a lot of people are turned off by paleo baking, because things don’t tend to come out like they want, or expect.

This recipe did not discourage me at all because all I had to do was make a batch of my cinnamon rolls or a honey graham cracker crust and my faith was completely restored in the paleo-baked-good-world!

However, I’m still craving a chocolate torte so stay tuned for a recipe that actually tastes good. I will not be defeated!!



  1. 21centrygurl · November 2, 2015

    At least you didn’t give up all hopes of baking lol


    • Rachel Leigh · November 16, 2015

      Haha no, paleo baking is full of failed experiments but it’s worth it for the good recipes I find 🙂


  2. dandelionxenoblade · November 2, 2015

    oh wow. I hope if you try again (different recipe or not) it works


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