Twin Tuesday

What’s a more fitting activity to do with your twin sister than go to a Minnesota Twin’s Game?? (Note to my Irish roommate: the baseball team was not named after us…)


My wonderful mother bought us 4 tickets with awesome seats right behind the Twins dugout (we’re so spoiled). It was a rainy Wednesday but in-between getting yelled at for having my umbrella up (twice, oops) and seeing those hot baseball players up close 😉 it was a fantastic time! Though I did spend a large portion of the game flinching because foul balls were flying all over us :/


We also walked around the entire stadium scoping out all the great food options. Andrew Zimmern even has a restaurant in there serving top quality steak sandwiches and cucumber lemonade (tip: add vodka)! After perusing the stalls on the lookout for something not fried and quintessential to a Midwestern baseball game (i.e. fake hot dogs and chicken tenders); I found the lovely stand that is Kramarczuk’s sausage. Nothing screams classy baseball watcher like a big, juicy sausage overflowing with onions and sauerkraut.

The great thing about Wednesday night games is that it’s ‘Student Night’ which means $1 (fake) HOT DOGS!!! and cheap tickets but that comes in second! Though I splurged on a real ‘hot dog’ this time; I’m never opposed to shitty encased meats once in a blue moon… (Shoutout to the other night’s ‘Blood Moon’)

Since the twin invited her bf to the game, I didn’t wanna be caught third wheeling AGAIN, so I invited one of my girl friends to join me. She was pretty quick to come alone when she found out where the seats were located. It’s always a good time with the other Rachel!


Well until next season Twins, and for now I guess my real twin will have to suffice over the long winter season 🙂


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