Restaurant Spotlight: Sea Salt Eatery

Minneapolis isn’t necessarily known for having outstanding seafood. I mean we have killer fresh water fish, but usually it’s just thrown in some breadcrumbs and fried to death. That’s not how I want to remember a beautiful piece of walleye (ehhh walleye actually aren’t that cute, but you get the idea).

Sea Salt is smack-dab in front of Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis, and they’re taking inspiration from the water flowing around them and slinging some killer seafood tacos and po’boys (massive fried seafood sandwiches famous in New Orleans). I almost always go there for the shrimp or mahi mahi tacos, but when there’s watermelon gazpacho on the menu… no competition. It’s sweet yet super tangy. Light yet luscious from the olive oil. When you throw some of their fresh tortilla chips on the side and meaty crab and shrimp dangling on the edge of the bowl, you’ve got a meal fit for a seafood lovin’ queen.


Their seafood offerings are top tier in the Minneapolis area, so you won’t be disappointed. In fact, the only thing majorly disappointing about this place is that it closes from late October to early Spring. How do I get good shrimp in January?!?! Please enlighten me, Sea Salt people!


The restaurant is super casual, with picnic tables covering every inch of the space. You’re basically just eating super delicious food in the middle of a park. Pure Minnesota summer perfection to me!

Next time you’re in the Minneapolis area (and make sure it’s before late October), bike over to the Falls and grab a couple tacos, or just make a night of hanging out with your long-lost roommate like me 🙂



One comment

  1. deliciousdaydreams · September 23, 2015

    I love a good restaurant spotlight! The only issue is that I’m never in the same town as the food that makes me drool. If I ever get to Minnesota…


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