Chocolate Mug Cake (dairy, nut, sugar, grain-free)

Sometimes I just need some chocolate, and this last weekend I decided to satisfy my intense craving by trying my hand at whipping of a mug cake recipe that I have been seeing all over the internet world.

After sifting through the trillions of recipes on Pinterest I decided to just whip up one that mixed a few different recipes because I didn’t like all the ingredients in most of the recipes. In this case, it was broke, so I fixed it 🙂

This mug cake is for the true chocolate lover because the intense cocoa powder really shines through above all in this recipe. I used minimal sweetener, but feel free to add any kind/any amount that you’d like. Mug cakes are so versatile, so I will use this basic recipe as a base for many more to come, because no one should ever be skipping dessert, especially when it takes 3 min to make!

Ignore the hideous picture because it was a quick documentation before I had to dive right into it. There was no holding me back!


Chocolate Mug Cake

1 tbsp coconut flour
1 tbsp cocoa powder
1 egg, beaten thoroughly
3 tbsp water or coconut milk
1 tsp honey (maple syrup or stevia will work)
drop of vanilla extract
1/2 tsp cinnamon

// Combine all ingredients in a microwave safe bowl. Make sure there are no visible egg pieces in the mixture.
Microwave for 1-2 minutes or until the middle isn’t liquid.
Let cool and dive in! (Add a dollop of coconut whipped cream or dairy-free ice cream to make it super satisfying!



  1. pinkiebag · August 19, 2015

    A gear way to deal with those chocolate cravings.


  2. wholefoodie14 · August 20, 2015

    Cool! I have a similar thing on my blog! You should check it out!


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