Twin Tuesday: Weekend Update

When Mom comes to town, you know it’s gonna be a fun weekend!

My lovely mother came from our hometown to spend a short weekend in the great city of Minneapolis. She has season tickets to the local theaters, so she spent her Saturday afternoon at “Kinky Boots.”

The twin (and her bf) and I (the perpetual third-wheel) met up with our mom at her swanky hotel bar for some drinks after she checked in around 9 pm. She loves a good quality drink, so I tend to follow suit and splurge a bit. She knows that all hangovers usually result from drinking bad quality alcohol, so might as well cough up the big bucks to feel better in the morning. Amen to that, Mom, but you’re paying right?? 😉

The twin and I got up early on Sunday to hit up the Linden Hills Farmer’s Market for some of my favorite brown eggs. At $5 a dozen I don’t feel bad buying them every once in awhile. Our mom then picked us up for brunch. We chose to eat at Third Bird in Loring Park and honestly, I’ve never made such a good decision in my life!! <—- exaggeration

The brunch menu had everything I love in a breakfast place. In fact, they didn’t even serve pancakes, but I was completely over it after seeing a SCONE listed FIRST thing on the menu and ‘CHEDDAR BISCUIT’ listed SECOND! Gimme Gimme all the carbs! Though I haven’t had a single bite of bread in over 2 weeks, I was happy to splurge a little at the expense of my stomach. FullSizeRender-3 Nothing on their brunch menu didn’t sound incredible. They have everything from leek omelets to cheddar grits with poached eggs to muesli. I ordered the ‘Classic Breakfast’ which came with 2 eggs, bacon, hashbrowns (still drooling over those) and a biscuit, AND of course their ginger and lemon scone! I haven’t felt so satisfied by a breakfast in a long time. The twin got the muesli with sausage and biscuits on the side. Even though she was sitting in direct sun and literally dripping through the entire meal she thought it was great, and that’s saying a lot. We aired her out by taking a stroll around Loring Park before saying ta-ta to mom for awhile. FullSizeRender-4 It’s always good when family comes to the city. Not only because they feed us very well, but we get to catch up on what everyone in our small family has been up to since everyone is off doing their own thing. The twin and I caught up a bit more later for some wine along the Mississippi River to end our weekend 🙂


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