That Time I Made Popsicles (Finally!)

I have frequent impulse buys.

Most of the time I end up using/wearing what I buy, but in some cases it just ends up taking up precious space in my life/cupboard. Back in the day when it was cool to wear colored flip-flops I bought 9 different colors of Old Navy $2 flip flops… I’m not sure why I ever thought I would need THAT many, but if they haven’t been thrown away already, most of them are piled up in my closet.

I must have this irrational fear that if I like something I have to get it in multiple colors in case the first one gets ruined or they run out of stock. However, in the case of the Old Navy flip flops, they are still selling them after at least 7 years! Maybe I could resell all the colors I never wore? I’m talking to you seafoam green and magenta!

Or the time I bought a snow cone machine and used it maybe twice to impress my fellow pre-teen friends with my ability to push a button and add sugary syrup to a cup of ice!

And then there’s the one shop that could make me impulse buy an entire furniture set, IKEA. Cheap + eye-catching = new addition to Rachel’s unused stuff. I love looking at the cheap furniture and weird kitchen tools they sell. One day I was walking through the maze (IKEA) and I found some popsicle molds. I thought to myself, “I would make so many popsicles with these.” #impulsebuy

Two years later and I still hadn’t come anywhere near making said popsicles.

Then one day I was sitting with two very overripe avocados as well as two very overripe bananas. I looked at my popsicle molds and said, “Today is the day!” I was finally committing to making popsicles.

To my surprise it only took about 5 minutes to make in my food processor, and they are roommate approved after she drunkenly ate one around 3 am, and then proceeded to ask for the recipe via text…


Banana & Avocado Popsicles

2 very ripe bananas
2 very ripe avocados
1/2 cup cocoa powder
1/4 cup honey (can use any type of sweetener)
pinch of salt

// Add all ingredients to a food processor and blend until very smooth.
Pour mix into popsicle molds and freeze at least 2 hours before eating.



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