Twin Tuesday: Things To Know About Twins

I’m not gonna gloat about how great my twin is, and talk about her impeccable style sense today. I’m gonna clear some things up about the twin life.

We didn’t always get along. In fact, up until our Freshman year of college we basically hated each other, but were best friends at the same time (??). I used to say being a twin was like having a stalker that you can’t get rid of. We had the same friends, played the same sports, and did the same activities so it was really hard to separate our lives. That started to really wear on us in high school, and it turned into us almost getting in fist fights at the school lunch table! Sorry friends who witnessed that… but we’re bestie again so no worries ­čÖé


1. Twin Telepathy is kind of a thing: If something happens to either twin and the other isn’t there, we can sometimes feel the pain. We aren’t mind readers by any means, but everything we think is so similar, that if someone asks her a question I will likely have the same answer. We were once asked what the creepiest/scariest thing we ever saw was, and I can still remember the both of us immediately thinking of the same exact situation that had happened almost 10 years prior. It was a true telepathy moment!

2. Does it really matter who’s older?:┬áUpon finding out we are twins, the next stupid questions from people is usually who’s older. She is, okay? By 3┬álousy minutes, and I blame that on me being the bossy one and just kicking her out of the womb. She claims it’s because I was the “fat one” and needed more space, but honestly I was only 5 lbs and some odd ounces… I don’t believe that’s fat. Do those 3┬áminutes matter, people? Yay, she has 3 minutes more life experience then me. Congrats!! No. Don’t look at me like I’m the naive younger sibling just because I was soaking up the single-womb life for a few more minutes. I still won’t understand why that’s the second question people ask. There’s so many more questions about twins that would be much more interesting. Maybe, who started walking first? Now that’s an accomplishment (I don’t even know the answer though.)

3. We have way different tastes:┬áIn love, in fashion, in life. We may technically be “identical” twins, but we definitely have our differences. We don’t tend to like the same type of guy which makes it nice to not have to compete for the same guys. Her fashion sense is very colorful and it definitely stands out. I’m only wear neutral colors and like to blend in but stand out for other things. One thing that is completely similar is our food taste. We usually order the exact same thing at restaurants and generally eat them same food for most meals. Oddly we both have a major infatuation with Octopus of all foods… We know we’re weird, but honestly, weird is good!


4. Any boring event is more tolerable: This is a huge plus of being a twin. It doesn’t matter what we’re at or what we’re doing, we usually always have each other to entertain ourselves. At any family event you will usually find us making jokes in the corner or off doing our own thing (like taking mirror selfies in the pic above). We usually feel bad for others who want to join in with us, but it’s usually more fun with people who actually understand our inside jokes (and there’s a lot of them.) Basically anyone who hangs out with us will probably feel like a third wheel most of the time, and for that we’re sorry, but being a twin is a hard balance sometimes.

Those are just a few things that I’ve come across in my┬álast 21 (almost 22) years of being a twin. I have plenty more, so stay tuned for next week to read┬ásome other great (or awful) things about having a stalker for life ­čśë

Honestly though, everyone without a twin is missing out, so get on that!!


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