Twin Tuesday

I want to take this moment to mention something that I’ve been dreading admitting ever since I started this blog. I’ve stolen most of the pictures I use… Not my travel or recipe pictures, but if it’s a picture from a Twin Cities restaurant, it was likely taken by the other half. I hate those people who make sure they snap a picture before they eat their food, but I’m grateful for the twin doing it because now I can use her pictures. It also helps that we have eaten at all the same restaurants and order the same food, so the pictures could have easily been of my meal. Why would I be “that girl to Instagram” my meal when I know she can be “that girl” instead? Sometimes she even puts me in her pictures though.


I’m trying to justify my lack of picture taking, okay?

Now that I got that off my chest, I want to talk about another talent my twin has besides the ability to take a food pic before diving in (that’s me). She has a pretty good fashion sense. You probably realized that in last week’s post, and her bathroom mirror selfies. She claims the bathroom pics are the easiest way to keep track of what she wears, but I still don’t get why she doesn’t take the picture in her full length mirror in her apartment instead of a bathroom…

One of her more recent clothing obsessions are loose printed pants. I can not pull them off like her. I found that any evidence of a butt, combined with a loud print, equals not flattering, so I leave the weird pants to her. She likes to pair them with either a crop top, or a tighter, tucked-in top to make sure she doesn’t look too frumpy.


Ever since going to Europe and having to live out a tiny suitcase for four months, I began to understand the concept of “minimalism.” It would have been very impractical to bring a bunch of random colored bright clothes, because the chances of me being able to mix and match those colors is almost impossible, if not incredibly ugly. Therefore, I chose to only pack neutral colors (black, white, gray, navy). I loved being able to mix and match literally all my clothes together. Upon coming back to the States, I now mostly only wear neutral colors. It saves me eons when it comes to deciding what to wear in the morning.


When celebrating the Fourth of July this past weekend, it was pretty evident that we do not agree on the “minimalist” fashion idea. The twin chose to wear a red, white and blue striped dress, and I’m gonna come out and say that she might only be able to get one wear out of that dress. Whereas I chose a black shift dress, which is insanely versatile and super comfy. She may have been more festive, but I’ll at least be getting my money’s worth. No one will ever be able to take away the twins love of color. She definitely prefers to stand out, and not blend in.

Stay tuned for next week to see what I mean about standing out…


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