Chocolate & Clementines

I loveeeee chocolate.

I love chocolate more than any other food (besides pancakes), but I have no willpower when it comes to chocolate. For example, I decided to make a massive (baking sheet-size!!) bar of homemade chocolate one day, and ate it ALL in that same day. Granted it was only cocoa powder, coconut oil and some honey (all healthy ingredients), but it still wasn’t my proudest moment. Now I don’t let myself buy, OR make chocolate anymore than once a week. It’s just too handy to just whip up a batch and freeze it and take out chunks when I want. Unfortunately I don’t usually just “take out chunks.” It’s usually the whole bar. I blame my consumption on my apartments lack of freezer space 😉

Then I discovered the killer recipe for mixing the tanginess of a clementine with sweet/bitter dark chocolate and topping it with sea salt. I actually came up with recipe as a way to get rid of the chocolate in my possession while upping my fruit and fiber intake. Sounds legit, right? Any way to justify eating chocolate…

This recipe couldn’t be easier. In fact it’s so easy that I made them on my dresser… Long story, but basically I was living in a very small (dirty) house and I refused to cook much of anything in the horrendous kitchen, so I microwaved the chocolate quick, and set up shop on my dresser in my clean room.

Chocolate & Clementines

8 oz. bar of dark chocolate (I had Lindt 90% cacao)
1 tbsp coconut oil
8-10 small clementines, peeled
sea salt, optional

// Melt chocolate bar and coconut oil over double boiler or microwave in small increments until just melted.
Dip clementine segments in the chocolate and place on parchment or tin foil.
Sprinkle with sea salt and let cool and harden.
Store in refrigerator for, at most, 7 days, or freeze.

Easiest sweet treat you’ll ever make 🙂




  1. Amanda B. · July 1, 2015

    These look delicious!! I made these with pineapple the other day, but now I’ll have to try it with clementines 🙂


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