Twin Tuesday


Get excited!!

I’m starting a new series and I’m calling it “Twin Tuesday,” for obvious reasons. It’s going to be on Tuesdays, and I’m going to be talking “twin life.”

I’m going to use the mid-week day to talk about my life growing up as a twin, with my other half, Laurel, and also posting about her lovely fashion, and maybe some of my style which is less impressive/less flashy.

I want to begin by mentioning that the above picture was of us just the other day, and we showed up to meet each other wearing the exact same clothes, and had a blast parading around target and the liquor store. Guaranteed they didn’t believe we were 21 with our chosen attire, but jokes on them. Young at heart?

Growing up a twin was rough, and it wasn’t until our freshman year of college that we realized just how good we had it. In high school we had the same friends and the same life basically, so it made us very competitive. Then when we went off to college, where we lived across campus from each other, and we made our own friends, separately. It was exactly what we needed. It allowed us to really appreciate that we would always have a best friend in each other even if we didn’t spend all day, every day together. In fact, we only saw each other about once a week during the first semester, but when second semester came around we started to hang out a lot more while still maintaining our separate lives.

The best part about being a twin is definitely the bond we will always have even though we can be separated for months (Me leaving her for Ireland).

We may be best friends, but we are very different in a lot of ways.

She very Type A. I’m a ‘relaxed’ Type A 😉
She’s a finance intern at TCF Bank. I work in customer relations for Greg LeMond’s bike company.
She hates to bike. I love to bike.
She could live off of Ezekiel bread and peanut butter. I can’t eat bread OR peanut butter 😦
She hates to cook, especially for other people. I want to own a restaurant and feed other people.
She likes loud/bright fashion pieces. I prefer simplicity and neutral colors.

We haven’t always been into fashion, but once we got to college we both realized the power of a stand-out outfit. We were the girls that always put an effort into our attire even if we only had one class to go to that day. We always wanted to look our best, and we quickly found that it improved our productivity and confidence as well. No yoga pants and t-shirts for these girls. In fact, neither of us wore yoga pants for an entire semester to class. It was worth the dirty (secretly jealous) looks from other girls.

IMG_5295 IMG_6610 IMG_8263

These are just some of the fashionable outfits Laurel wears on a daily basis. She takes daily photos in one of the bathrooms at her business school every day and sends them to me. I always look forward to seeing what she’s wearing via bathroom mirror 😉 Her style is usually very girly. She wears a lot of pinks and reds and whites, but sometimes she throws on a casual outfit and adds her favorite fur vest to really throw people for a loop.

That’s just a bit about my best friend 🙂

Stay tuned for next weeks Twin Tuesday!


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