One (good) reason why Ireland is better than the States


When I first arrived in Europe I didn’t know what to expect about buying food in grocery stores. I was under the impression that I wouldn’t be able to find any foods I would normally eat at home in their stores, and I also thought it was going to be terribly expensive. I can not express how shocked I was when I actually got there at how incredibly wrong I really was.

At least in Ireland, I found the food to be fairly cheap, and they had all the foods I would ever need. I mean, I’m sure they were referring to weird brands of processed foods when they said I wouldn’t be able to find what I normally eat, but I only eat fruits and veggies and meat, so finding my “brands” for those is unnecessary. I did do quite a few shopping trips at the local Tesco by campus, but quickly realized that making the trek to Aldi was worth it with how cheap the prices were.

I want to do a quick rant about how much I love Irish Aldi. I had no idea it existed until one of the wonderful Irish people in my apartment posted on Facebook saying that he was heading up a group that would take a weekly trip to Aldi on a private bus, directly from campus, FOR FREE! I was ecstatic and quickly became the Aldi Trip advocate for them. I invited all my American friends and ultimately brought a lot of customers to the Aldi. I shop at Aldi here in Minneapolis, but I strictly buy only their fruits and veggies and steer very clear from any meat products because I don’t really trust the quality, and the bad stuff can’t just be washed off like veggies. In Ireland, however, I wasn’t scared to buy any of the meat, because the quality at Aldi was just a million times better there. I’m forever grateful for the Aldi Bus while in Ireland. It saved me money and time and I met a few awesome Irish people riding it. I can’t say enough good things about the Aldi’s in Ireland.

One thing that I miss more than anything about Irish/European food is the eggs. WHY ARE THE EGGS WHITE? It’s disgusting. I miss not having to refrigerate my eggs AND them being a natural BROWN color. Who ever started dying eggs white? I’m almost scared to eat the eggs I buy in grocery stores here. I’m genuinely terrified that they’re white, and I feel like I’m gonna crack it into my pan and it’s going to be black or something… the horror! Thankfully that has not happened (yet), but I can proudly say I buy my eggs from the local farmer’s market now, because I like to know I’m eating “real” eggs and not something unnecessarily modified in both color and taste (I can tell the difference).

Bottom line: Go buy fresh brown eggs, because spending a couple extra bucks will never be so easy.


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