To-Do List of Recipes

I recently moved into a new apartment for the summer with THE tiniest amount of counter space in the kitchen, so the amount of cooking I want to accomplish in that is very uhh nonexistent… I may steal my sisters kitchen across the street to do some “real” cooking but for now I guess I’m going to stick to eggs, and roasted veggies being prepped on the kitchen floor 😉

Now, I do my fair share of blog stalking, so I come across recipes that I want to try all the time. Some paleo, some VERY not paleo, but in an effort to keep my diet in check, I’m going to share some of my favorite paleo recipes, as of lately.

Orange Poppy Seed Scones (Elana’s Pantry) // Ever since I left Ireland I’ve been craving a good scone, and this looks like it could fit the bill. It’s a recipe using only almond flour which, I think, makes for a very buttery scone.

Irish Soda Bread (Brittany Angell) // I’m clearly missing all my Irish food because now I really need some good soda bread. The picture looks like the real bread, but it’s gluten and grain free so I’m curious to see if it tastes like the fluffy yet crusty bread I knew and loved in Ireland. It’s also a fairly easy recipe using almond flour and minimal “weird” ingredients.

Paleo Cheese (Predominantly Paleo) // I didn’t grow up loving cheese and wanting it on everything. In fact, I didn’t really start to love cheese until it was obvious my stomach couldn’t have it. I’ve been dying to try this recipe to see if it compares to the real stuff, or at least satisfies my craving for some rich dairy.

No-Bake Coconut Cookie Dough in a Jar (Grok Grub) // This paleo cookie dough in a jar is the easiest “dessert” I’ve ever seen and it contains 4 different kinds of coconut!!! I love my coconut. I need to make this recipe right away, but then I need to find someone to babysit me so I don’t eat the entire jar before I even do the dishes.

I’m going to try to attempt at least one recipe in-between my multiple brunches this weekend!

Anddd here’s a picture of a cute red panda to start your weekend 🙂



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