Why I love Dublin

After spending 4 months in Dublin, I think I have a pretty good idea about what to do and where to eat because obviously I had to keep myself fed and entertained.

These are the things that made me fall in love with Dublin, after the AMAZING people of course!

As far as things to do/must see tourist traps:

  • Guinness is a must. It’s actually really cool and the view from the bar when you get your Guinness at the end is totally worth it.


  • The Kilmainham Gaol (Jail) was a really cool look into the history of Dublin and the tour guides make it really entertaining.
  • The Little Museum of Dublin is the only museum I recommend going to. It’s another great example of the impact of a great tour guide, plus they have an entire room dedicated to U2!


  • Grab lunch at one of my suggested spots below and have a picnic in St. Stephen’s Green. Great people watching and nice green grass to plop down on.


  • Browse the shops on Grafton St. Make sure to get some cheese at Sheridan’s Cheesemonger’s and skip the tempting gelato from Gino’s.
  • Hop on the 6 euro train to a city named Howth on the coast and walk around for the afternoon. You can do the cliff walk up to the top, which was great, or just hang around the main city area and eat at the Oar House for fresh seafood. Also, if you go on Saturday or Sunday they have a little market right outside the train station for you to pick up some little cupcakes, macarons or a massive Irish pork sausage. I went 3 times while in Dublin, so it’s a must visit.


  • Just jump in a cab with a local Irish driver and you’ll learn all you ever wanted to know about Dublin and their family, or in one case for me, his horses.

Let’s move on to the food now.

I ate out a fair share and was never was disappointed in a meal, which is saying a lot because Dublin’s food scene is only average.

Here’s a list of some of my favorite must eat at restaurants in the city:

  • Little Ass Burrito Bar— no seating, so grab a “box” or burrito and head to the park.
  • Crackbird— super hipster, but great chicken goujons (tenders) and even a great sweet potato and bacon salad located right in the middle of the city.
  • The Boxty House— a “boxty” is an Irish version of a potato pancake and they do multiple dishes involving these “pancakes.” They also have a lot of traditional Irish dishes that don’t disappoint.
  • Black Sheep— reminds me of any craft beer selling restaurant in the states, but they also have great food. I reccommend the chicken salad with butternut squash and a huge wheel of goat cheese on top.


  • The Chophouse— great place to take someone to impress them, because it’s expensive, but recommended by Anthony Bourdain– and me– so it’s an obvious winner.
  • Brother Hubbard— incredible brunch spot, but limited options so be warned if you’re picky.


  • Hatch and Sons— located outside the Little Museum of Dublin has the cutest little patio for when the weather is actually nice and I highly recommend ordering the baked eggs with bacon, sausage and AMAZING Irish brown bread.


  • The Cake Cafe— located in an alley behind Dublin’s hottest clubs. It’s a tiny, colorful little cafe with great desserts and huge sandwiches on homemade bread for a great price.


  • Zero Zero Pizza— it may not have a roof but this pizza place can be tracked down at multiple markets throughout the week, and they’re serving up amazing Neopolitan style pizza. Some of the best I’ve ever had, and you can enjoy it sitting by the canal.


  • San Lorenzos— another great brunch spot. I highly recommend the french toast stack with 40 strips of bacon or if you wanna feel like death the rest of the day, get the Coco crispy french toast. French toast coated in sugary cereal for the win. Or not…


That concludes my personal guide to eating and entertainment in Dublin. Now I just wish I could go back and experience them all again right now.

Until next time my love 🙂


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