Croatia: Europe’s Best Kept Secret

I knew that when I came to Europe to study abroad that I had to go to Croatia, but for some reason no one that I met was on my same wavelength, so when it came time to plan our last trip in May no one wanted to come with. I did end up convincing one of my guy friends to join me on my trip. All I said was “it’s super cheap” and he was down.

A friend of mine said to check out Bus 2 Alps for a completely planned trip in the tourist city of Split, Croatia. I saw that there was a trip white water rafting and island hopping so I immediately hopped on đŸ˜‰ buying the ticket. We opted for the “Fly-in” option to avoid sitting on a bus from Florence or Prague for 12 hours.

We ended up flying from Nice, France to Zadar, Croatia on Wednesday morning. Spent the night in the beautiful city of Zadar. It’s an easily walkable and gorgeous old port city in the northern half of Croatia.

On Thursday morning we took the GORGEOUS 3 hour bus ride (with free wifi) to Split, Croatia. The bus wound around the coastline all the way down to Split. Once in Split we found our hostel that Bus 2 Alps assigned us. It was located right in the city center and only a 5 min walk to almost anything worth seeing.

View from bus to Split from Zadar.

View from bus to Split from Zadar.

Walked around Split before settling on a restaurant for some wine and an squid salad for me and ravioli for my friend.


We woke up Friday morning to get a free breakfast and then catch the bus for white water rafting down the Cetina River. It was a long 4 hour trek down the river, but we were rewarded with a whole trout (head and all) dinner with wine, which made it all worth it.


Saturday morning was island hopping day to the island of Brac. It was a perfect sunny and hot day for it.
Obviously this Minnesotan was going to get burnt after not seeing the sun in Ireland for over 3 months… Got to relax on the beach all day and soak up the sun before I headed back to dreary Ireland for my last 2 weeks.



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