Street Food Life in Europe

Okay, maybe I’m just a wannabe European, but after living in Ireland and traveling all around Europe for a lifetime (3 months); I feel like I can almost consider myself one of them. I may not speak their language or even understand their version of English (I’m talking to you, Irish people), but I do understand their culture and am at least trying to assimilate.

After starving myself for the first month, I have really started to understand the food here and how to find the cheap yet best tasting food, and the secret is MARKETS!! Food can be insanely expensive in a restaurant, but who needs a table and chair anyway. It’s called standing and eating and it will save you a boat load. Plus you have way more options. You can walk around for an hour surveying all your amazing options at the market and then just meander back to the best one. It’s my favorite past time.

I make it a point to go to as many markets as possible whenever I travel around. Here’s a list of my favorites so far in my travels:

Camden Market in London: Found an incredible paleo stand with coconut tortillas with kale salad and chicken with tomato sauce.


Borough Market in London: Treated myself to a massive pork sandwich with apple sauce on Ciabatta with a piece of crispy skin on top!


Albert Cuypmarkt in Amsterdam: I could LIVE OFF the Stroopwafels! They’re a traditional Dutch pastry where a thin waffle is split in half and slathered in rich caramel syrup then sandwiched back together. A warm Stroopwafel is my heaven! I also had to get some Poffertjes which are little Dutch pancakes covered in powdered sugar.



Temple Bar Market in Dublin: I’ve been there 3 times now and it never gets old. I’ve gotten a massive scone, sampled many cheeses, stared at the cronuts, gotten a wheat free brownie and massive potato pancake. However, the best thing is the “Hog Box.” It’s a box of roasted potatoes, chunks of pork and fried onions and cabbage! Yummy


Kodbyens in Copenhagen: If you’re looking for the most gorgeous Scandinavian people around go to this market. The alcohol and food are everywhere and it feels more like a 20 something get together with artisan food than a farmers market. A++ for atmosphere! I ended up getting a gigantic omelet of all things but I was craving breakfast :/



Torvehallerne in Copenhagen: The food scene in this city is incredible (but spendy). I found an indoor market that has rows and rows of artisan food stands selling anything from Sushi to hot dogs. Sadly, I had just eaten so the only thing I came out the doors with was Havarti cheese. It’s so darn good cheese though!



Copenhagen Street Food on Paper Island in Copenhagen: The idea behind this old shipping container turned food stand “mall” is genius. Everything is very environmentally friendly and the Danish really know how to design some great food stands. The options were endless. I chose some delicious teriyaki chicken veggie rolls, but my friend bought tostones and oreo cheesecake. They had fish and chips and burgers and even fries fried in just DUCK FAT!! I died.



Those are just my most recent endeavors in the European food market scene, but I plan to add a few more to this list before I fly back across the massive pond. I will for sure be bringing my new love of street food back to the Twin Cities with me in June. Catch me wandering the streets all summer workin off my meals between markets/food trucks.


One comment

  1. nikirath · April 22, 2015

    Lucky you to have travelled Europe for 3 months. Street food looks delicious. I loved the donor kebabs the most there. Thanks for sharing.


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