The one food most people associate with Ireland is potatoes, or at least I do. They’re everywhere. Fries, mashed, boiled, salad, pickled, roasted. Everything (except probably half of those). They do actually eat a lot of potatoes, but oddly enough, I have not touched any of it (unless you count sweet potatoes, which is/always will be my diet staple). I’ve been trying to stay away from all heavy starches since beginning the paleo diet last month, but sometimes the “chips” (fries) look soooo good. One day I will probably cave, but until then I will look but not touch.

So if I’m not eating potatoes; what am I eating? Nothing new. I still eat just like I did in the US, but with a huge emphasis on beer (because Ireland, duh). Irish food is a lot like american food. Except that they fry most things… My friend mentioned that “Pub food is the Children’s menu of Ireland,” which I assume means that even a normal pub menu will have familiar enough food for even a picky eater. I found a delicious craft brewery called the Black Sheep on the northside of the river Liffey, and my girl friends and I went there to celebrate a 21st. I had theeeee most HEAVENLY salad. Butternut squash, chicken, arugula, sundried tomatoes and a melty round of gooey goat cheese in the middle. I’m still dreaming of that even though the cheese didn’t sit well during our 50 Shades of Grey viewing, but nothing was going to sit well during that movie anyway. AWFUL. AWFUL.

drool away.

To ring in Valentine’s Day with my friend, I came across an incredible tea place that has around 40 different kinds of tea and amazing organic coffee, but here’s the kicker; THEY HAVE PALEO DESSERTS. So my valentines treat to myself was a paleo coconut brownie at Clement and Pekoe.


In case it seems like I just eat all the time and don’t actually get out and see the gorgeous country of Ireland, you’re wrong, but who wants to hear about that when I can talk about food? 😉 Stay tuned for gorgeous Irish countryside pictures, but for now you get delicious food pictures.

My Valentines Day ended with dinner at my new favorite Thai place in the entire world. It’s called Neon Asian Street Food. I’ve never been a big curry fan but their Yellow Curry with chicken was incredible. Massive cherry tomatoes, chicken, pineapple all basking in a sweet yet spicy yellow curry soup. It also helps that they give you a free ice cream cone to indulge in their soft serve machine post thai food coma. I opted out of the ice cream, but they did have a huge bowl of M&Ms for me to “steal” (I guess I probably paid for it).

Welll that’s all for my Dublin eating adventures to date, but I’ll obviously update you on the potato situation real soon.