Duh, Blin


I’m sure most of you know exactly where that picture was taken… DUBLIN, Ireland, obviously! It’s such an iconic picture 😉 Just kidding you probably could say that that picture could have been taken in any European city. Well it was taken in my home for the next 4 months. I’ve been here less than a week and have already seen so much. It’s a fairly small city, but there are insane amounts of museums, pubs and drunks. I usually wake up around noon with a little hangover and meet up with other hungover americans and drag ourselves to the bus stop to go on another adventure. Today it was to Trinity College, St. Stephens Green Park and the Little Museum of Dublin. The Museum was definitely little, but one of the best I’ve seen. The charismatic, spitting tour guide definitely helped make it great. He’s proof that if you know your stuff and are passionate about it, you can make others passionate too. There was also an entire floor dedicated to U2 (AWESOME).


I’ve discovered how important food is to Irish people. Food of the fried kind, unfortunately for me. It’s been difficult to find diet friendly food is restaurants, especially when I order what I thought was a “chicken burger” but instead it was a piece of fried chicken. Not cool. But the server was nice enough to get me something else for no charge 🙂


I’ve only been out to eat a couple times and oddly enough I’ve had a burger at least twice, but the best one yet was at a place called The Counter and they serve “naked” burgers or burgers on a salad!!! DOUBLE WIN. I’m still dreaming about that food experience.


That’s all I have for now about Dublin, but I shall be back with more!


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