Best Pizza in Minneapolis

Clearly I only like round foods (check out my Pancake post). This time I’m going savory and letting everyone know where I choose to sit myself to enjoy a nice slice (read: whole pizza).

My friend and I came up with the idea to try as much pizza as we could in order to find our favorite pizza in the Twin Cities. I’m a die hard wood-fired oven, authentic Italian style pizza. I’ve been to Italy and tried the real thing, and now I have to admit I’m a bit snobby about my pizza. You might catch me getting a slice of Mesa pizza in Dinkytown when I’m drunk, but let’s keep that on the DL.

PS. if you can’t eat a whole pizza, we can’t be friends.

Shall we?


Pizza in Italy!

Punch Pizza
A margherita pizza for $5.50??? Is that a joke?! Nope. Not at Punch pizza. Not only do they have locations everywhere, so you can satisfy your craving wherever you are, but you can get the pizza in under 5 minutes from ordering to sitting down. It may be considered a “fast food” option, but even after trying pizza all over Minnesota, I can still come back to Punch and am NEVER disappointed. Another plus is that if you’re not feeling pizza (is that even a thing?) they have the option of getting a salad INSIDE one of their incredible pizza crusts. Healthy, right? The best part about a Punch pizza is the crust, after all. Their crust is chewy, crisp and soggy in the middle. Some people don’t like the soggy middle, but I love when the good quality olive oil gathers in the middle for a goopey, cheesy mess. The price is reason enough to pop-a-squat on one of their wood benches, but the pizza quality will keep you coming back again and again.

Pizzeria Lola
A Korean pizza wasn’t something I thought I was going to like, but again the crust is what sold me. Lola is the slow, sit-down version of Punch. The crust is incredible, but the unique pizza ingredients are why they stand out from the other pizza places I’ve been to. Try the Korean BBQ pizza. It’s full of beef and cheese but finished with a vinaigrette, so it’s not weighed down with red sauce. The Xerxes is also a fave, but it’s meatless (I love meat). Lola is my favorite place to grab a seat at the counter and watch them throw pizzas in the massive wood-fired oven. Skip the vanilla soft serve with olive oil and sea salt (overrated) and opt for another beer, so you can get nice and tipsy for a photobooth session in the back!

Black Sheep
Do you like a pizza loaded with toppings and a super crispy, cracker crust? I don’t. I much prefer a toothy crust, but everyone else I know loves this place. I, however, am not a huge fan of their style. Don’t listen to me though. Listen to the people of Food Network (featured them as a top pizza choice in the US) and all the people of Minneapolis. They’re pizza toppings are great quality and delicious. Their crust does a great job of holding up to the toppings, which is very important. You can’t have a crust that flops over under the weight of a hunk of fennel sausage. The coal-fired ovens that they use allow for a much crunchier crust.
Bonus: They deliver. A pizza place that isn’t Dominos that delivers? Win. They’re quickly making me more of a fan.

Element Pizza
This pizza is more of my element 😉 Their crust is crisp and doesn’t sag in the middle, yet it’s chewy. Now that’s what I like to see! This place is tinyyyy and in the middle of nowhere (Northeast Minneapolis). The menu is creative yet basic. They cater to all pizza lovers, which is very important in a city where some people (not me) are scared to ruin a good pizza with crazy ingredients. So, jump in the car and head to Element for a quiet place to grab a pizza. It seems that not many have discovered the greatness of this place, but I prefer it that way, as there physically is not room for more lovers like me.

Red Wagon Pizza Co.
This place is just a newborn in the Twin Cities pizza scene. They have been running a small stand at local farmer’s markets for some time, but they just recently opened a restaurant (right by Lola, ballsy!!). I was lucky enough to grab a seat at their bar with a perfect view of the massive wood-fired oven (my fave spot in pizza places). I loved that the owner’s dad was just standing in the kitchen, admiring how busy they were. The children were also running around the back area. Adorable! Anyways, the pizza was incredible. I ordered the Red Wagon Pizza and wasn’t disappointed, but to be honest, the roasted butternut squash appetizer is what sealed the deal. Go for the pizza, but don’t overlook their amazing app option.

Burch Steak and Pizza Bar
What’s better than meat and pizza? The answer is, nothing!! This place is on the fancier side of this list, so don’t plan on just popping in after a jog for a nice carbo load. You will likely need a reservation and a nice ball gown and three-piece suit. Okay, only one of those is true, but Burch is definitely one of the top restaurants in the city and not just the pizza. When I went I got the pizza with the Octopus, because I have a weak spot for some nice tentacles (I’m weird), and this pizza did not disappoint.

That’s my list for the top pizzas I’ve eaten, but there are a few others worth mentioning…

Pig Ate My Pizza
I’ve been DYING to try this place in Robbinsdale (which is quite a hike for a city kid), but every time I show up to eat (3 times and counting), they’re closed!! Even though I am incredibly mad that they clearly don’t want me to try them, I am determined and WILL get there before I die because I know they might top my list!

Pizza Nea
Ended up here one night because I’m cheap and wanted to use a Groupon for a date. It’s a solid option, but compared to other places in the cities, it’s nothing too special. Cute space in Northeast though! I would say that they’re a cross between Black Sheep’s crust and Elements toppings. They almost always have a Groupon for it though.

Sun Street Breads
I thoroughly regret never making it to their Monday Night Pizza shindig before writing this post! It only happens Monday nights from 6-8pm and based on their breakfast breads, I’m 100% sure that they can make a mean pizza dough too. If you’re ever free for 2 hours on Monday nights and want to brighten your lame day, head to Sun Street and get a killer pizza. Let me know how it is so I can seal my regret in stone. I WILL GET THERE WHEN I GET BACK FROM IRELAND. Period.

What’s your perfect pizza?


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